DIY Upholstery in 10 Easy Steps

A great starter project for someone who is looking to dip their toes into the world of recovering furniture

Beauty in Function

Cool finds that function too!

Slinky chair

We felt this video was way too interesting not to share. Enjoy!

Thank You Frank Gehry

Cardboard creations; more beautiful than expected.

Un-Cork your Creativity

Creative inspiration for recycled glass bottles.

Reaching for Higher Ground

Re-imagining the cityscape in a sophisticated and green way.

100% Green & American Made

Wine Country Craftsmen specializes in creating furniture from retired grape vines from California’s premiere wine growing region.

Breathe Easy - Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can filter the air in your interior, and even eradicate dangerous electromagnetic waves.

Staging to Sell

Staging is a great way to give prospective renters/buyers a warm and welcome feeling when they view an apartment. Rather than showing an empty space, we have taken the guess- work out of what the space can look like once it is furnished. By creating interesting and well designed rooms, the chances of the space being rented or sold increases tenfold. This means less time on the market and increased productivity for real estate companies.

"Don't Be a Jerk" - NYC and Biking

Check out DOT ad campaign humorously highlighting the essential do's and don’ts of safe, responsible, biking.