Measure Twice, Cut Once

There are many costly mistakes people can make when designing their homes. Just follow these five simple rules and make sure you do not fall into this trap!

Stair Space

At Simply Decorate, we do not believe in wasting space!

Ever wonder what to do with that space below your stairs ..? Well, here is our round up! Enjoy...

Everyone Loves Sales

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for flash sales. Expect them at any time!

Anything Art

Art can be anything. Just hang it up.

Make the Switch

Using natural cleaning solutions can improve indoor air quality in your home and make it smell wonderful!

Come Fly Away

Let the light shine through with these birdcage inspired light ideas.

Dog Days

On one of the hottest days of the year, New Yorkers already know that we are in for a hot one! Keeping cool in the city may be a challenge, but we’ve all been through the heat before, and we’re bound to do it again this year. Let’s just keep it cool!


Bringing fashion into your bed

Your bedroom is your sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Make it your own with fun and beautiful bedding. Also, learn how to make your bed!

"It's not going to kill you!"

Common household products can be potential hazards if not properly used, stored, and discarded.

Tribal Inspiration

All things Native American. Get in touch with your roots!