The Beauty of Native American History

'' He hoped to convey a face that had seen worlds change, forests leveled, tidelands filled, people crushed.'' - Timothy Egan

New York City's Art Exhibition

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home" - Twyla Tharp

Join us and Waldo viewing The Art Expo on Park Avenue.

Nature's Poetry

"Being in nature is a very transcendental experience. To me, nature is a portal to higher spiritual and philosophical thought." Lauren Sansaricq

Colored Water.

"What a splendid thing watercolor is to express atmosphere and distance, so that the figure is surrounded by air and can breath it." Vincent Van Gogh

Picture Walls!

"I like form and shape and strength in pictures. " Herb Ritts

Erica Kirkpatrick

"Working in an impressionistic style, I try to capture the atmosphere of the scene as I felt it at the time. Eliminating unnecessary detail and laying down only that which is needed to convey the mood or effect I want." Erica Kirkpatrick

Alexandre Day!

Wow.. this website is all in French but these pieces certainly speak for themselves! Just beautiful...

It's a Watercolor Kind of Wednesday!

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all" ~ Stanley Horowitz

Gretchen Mist.

Belinda Kemp's work is uniquely hers no matter what medium she uses...

Wall of a Time!

The list goes on and on.. These wall decals were also at the NYIGF last week and we love all three equally .. so we just couldn't bare to leave one out!! :)