Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation. -James Turrell

Great lighting is so important and should not be overlooked. So give the extra attention to the lighting throughout your home and you'll see the benefits for yourself! Proper interior lighting reduces fatigue and stress by reducing strain on eyes.

Adding great lighting to your home adds to the overall value of a house, making it more marketable when it comes time to sell.

Historically, hearths would serve as the practical and spiritual center of the home. New gas fireplace units are energy efficient and great for those cold winter nights.

Flooding your kitchen with light can suppress your appetite. Be sure to have proper task lighting, like bright under cabinet lights good for prep work.

LED lights can be used as a safe alternative to candlelight. Best part is they can be left unattended and won’t drip wax everywhere. LED accent light is cool and eye catching.

LED lights to make your centerpiece glow.

High ceilings give us the opportunity to use indirect lighting which reduces glare.