Cool finds that function too!

These examples of functional pieces are testament to how design defines and changes our world. Strong creative brands shape the personal, social, and commercial landscape of the future (multi-function). Creative freedom allows us to move away from the norms and conventions of today, into a creative identity for the new age (Jonathan Ford).

The Inner Life Series by Martin Azua. Living & being.

A series of useful objects which can harbor life of both vegetal and animalistic character. Uniting outdoor furniture with nature. Invokes thinking on the strategies of nature to grow and establish itself.

The Ramsa sofa by designer Younes Duret. Modern & practical.

A convenient way to showcase your reading collection, while keeping them within arms reach. This sofa with sleek wood finish will fit nicely in a modern, booklovers home.

Coral Tools by Jinyoung Choi. Colorful & handy.

This multifunctional tool set replaces Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a corkscrew, and hammer. A colorful protective covers protect sharp ends, while providing extra leverage for using other tools.

Freestanding mirror for ex.t. Sleek & functional.

Mirror also functions as a clothes/bathrobe hanger on the opposite side.

Tetra coffee table by Bellato. Oriental & dynamic.

Designed by Bernard Vaurnesson, this Oriental inspired coffee table has four pull out shelves to increase serving area.

OXO Candela Tooli nightlight. Safe & portable.

Soothing bedside companions that automatically illuminate when lifted from the charge base. Cool to the touch, and free of messy cords.