"It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow." Aesop, The Ant and the Greasshopper

Happy Monday! We found a few really great Lusts and Musts this week and hope you'll be inspired! It is so important to remember that having a beautiful and well designed home does not always have to do with having ooodles of money in the bank! Remember to click on the images to get the source! Enjoy...

Small gold side tables can really add a perfect touch of elegance! They are bright and airy and can also add an eclectic vibe!

This hexagon shaped one below happens to be one that I have personally been eying for some time now!

But with the hefty price tag, it is currently a Lust - World's Away Morocco Gold Side Table- $473

This one has a very similar look and feel and just could be the Must I was looking for - World Market - $89.99!

Ah Philippe Stark... he really can do no wrong! He did so right when he came up with this coveted ghost chair design! These chairs are great because they take up zero visual space so will really open up a room while adding a perfect whimsical touch!

.. and since they are not only clear, but have a wonderful classic shape and super modern material, they go with just about anything...

Philippe Stark ghost chair - Lust - $330 from Moma; Must - In Style Modern - $189 for a set of 2

Don't you just love this garden room designed by the amazing Drake Design! So perfect, simple and bright! These garden stools really give this space that great garden look. Depending on where you go, these types of tables do not always go without a hefty price tag..

Not sure where they got these ones in particular, but I am sure you would agree, this one below looks pretty darn similar and would give the same great look! It is a definite Must at World Market - $79.99

...or... feel free to Lust over this other gorgeous option from Global Views $2,497.50. We sure do. It is made out of solid marble!

... or if you are looking for an option that is a tad more contemporary. Here is another Must at - West Elm - $129

Mr. Isamu Noguchi is one gifted sculptor! In fact, if you are ever in New York, head over to the Noguchi museum and check out his work. It is stunning to say the least! How much do we love this iconic table designed by the one and only!?

This table from the original manufacturer is a Lust at Design Within Reach - $1,589; but thank goodness there are lots of quality Musts like this fantastic replica sold at World Modern Design - $299

Have a great day!