"A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials." Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Happy color love Friday! This week we have mystical emerald! What is not to love about emerald? It really is the perfect green! It is so timeless, yet always feels fresh and exciting! Did you know emerald is the stone of love and has long been the symbol of hope? The emerald is also thought to preserve love. So give your lover an emerald and they should stay faithful.. ;) There is just something so exotic about emerald yet so familiar at the same time (how does it do that?). Take a look at our round up this week and you will see what we mean!

This dining room is so sophisticated in grey and cream, but with the added oomph of emerald it becomes simply spectacular!

Green doors are always so intriguing!! I wonder what is behind there..?

This barn door really sings in emerald lacquer and pops against it's rustic surroundings!

Emerald is natural very opulent! The classical molding and the emerald really make this room stand out!

It is great when used in small accents! Classic modern shapes in emerald really make a bold statement!

Love this fabric on these dining chairs! Looks like peacock feathers!

A couple of emerald wing chairs really dress up this living room!

Even vinyl looks sophisticated in emerald!

These gorgeous shades in a emerald marble patter, really emphasize the high ceilings and windows!

Only the best of Rustic luxury for this bedroom with pops of emerald!

Have a wonderful weekend SD readers!