"The common denominator for success is work" John D. Rockefeller

Do you have papers spread across your kitchen table, or stacks of mail piling up on your nightstand? Then like me you are in desperate need of a home office. A beautiful and personal space customized for your needs. The office may not take up a lot of square footage in your home, but it's impact reaches far outside the walls of your home.

Having a well designed home office will increase your productivity and relieve stress. Once we have a space that we can stop procrastinating in, we can get accomplished the work that we set out to do (or pushed off for later to do). Lets get started on this right now!

Any room or small nook can be converted into your office. A couple essentials are bookshelves, a comfortable task chair, and good task lighting. This way, none of your papers will be lost and all your work supplies will be organized. Keep supplies close by to equip yourself with the tools you need for success. Find interesting storage containers or baskets for keeping your supplies. This will keep you organized and reduce clutter.

Having a comfortable space will allow you to fully concentrate without any disturbance. Enjoy your space, your work, and get busy taking care of business. Happy decorating!